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Speaking at the Palliative Care Symposium in Toronto, Canada, May 21-23, 2024. Title: Towards a Narrative of Hope: An International Interfaith Symposium on Palliative Care, Msgr. Paglia, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, said this in a passage of his speech:

«It is therefore necessary to broaden our horizons. It is necessary to free care from the private and/or domestic sphere or from the technical-healthcare sphere; it is essential to restore its social meaning and make it a widespread practice, capable of impacting the overall balance of society. It is the memory of the common condition of fragility that constitutes the true basis of the social bond; and it is the social bond that transfigures fragility from need and gift.

It is therefore natural that, with Hans Jonas, the "ethics of care" becomes the prerequisite for rethinking the foundations of social solidarity that arises from the recognition of an "us", founded on "similarity in pain and humiliation" but also on 'intrinsic and inalienable dignity that belongs to every human being. Care is inextricably linked to mutual recognition and mutual responsibility. A mutual recognition because the fragility of others is a mirror for our own fragility; the dignity of others is a mirror of our own dignity."

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