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Fragments of silence

Was there love between Joseph and Mary?

Given the uniqueness of the relationship between Joseph and Mary, some wonder if there was truly love between them.

Below is a reflection by one of the most renowned Catholic philosophers of the 20th century, Jean Guitton. In one of his books on the Virgin Mary he reflects so convincingly that there is no need for other words: they loved each other.

«Generally, they make us believe that Mary did not really love Joseph. And that she found in him only a protector, a kind of shadow that covered from the eyes of others what was happening in her womb. Just as they make us believe that Joseph loved Mary as a patriarch loves a creature entrusted to him. If this were the case, there would actually be no room for love in their lives. But let's ask ourselves: why wouldn't Joseph have loved? Why wouldn't he reciprocate Mary's love? Wouldn't he also have felt the need for affection, on quiet evenings, returning tired from work? Didn't he respond to love with love? Yes, Giuseppe experienced love in an absolutely inexpressible form, strong like mountain streams, but also calm and gentle like a lake. Man's love is shaped by woman's love, who, as a skilled educator, moderates his impulse so that it is transformed into care and tenderness, which makes him capable of receiving and giving.

The love of Mary and Joseph in the house of Nazareth is similar to the love of Adam and Eve in the earthly paradise, before the fall. 

At a certain moment, in the early morning of the world, love arose between Adam and Eve. This also happened between Joseph and Mary."


Destiny in the name

In all the cultures of the world, names always have a symbolic meaning: they can refer to a place, a moral quality, a desire for beauty. The name is a baggage that carries with it the world of the past.

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