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Saturday, 08 June 2019 10:59

Birth of Christ

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If you didn't have candor, how could it? 

Happen to you what now lights up the night? 

Behold the God of wrath over the people 

it becomes meek, and comes into you into the world.

Did you imagine it bigger?

What is greatness? 

Obliquely through every measure -

and it cancels them all in itself  

- his destiny runs in a straight line. 

Not even a star has a route like this. 

You see, these kings are great,

and before your lap they drag you

treasures, those they consider the greatest,

and perhaps you are amazed at these gifts -:

but look, between the folds of your cloth, 

as now he moves on from everything.

All the amber that is transported far out to sea,

every golden joy and that acrid aroma that burns 

it disperses in the senses and is consumed: 

of lightning brevity was all this, 

and in the end it was only regretted.

But (you will see): He gives joy.

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