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In Romania with the Guanellian nuns now also the Servants of Charity. They continue the precious service to the disabled started by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. For an investment of means they knock on the door of the Pious Union.

of Fr. Gabriel Cantaluppi

SDon Guanella wrote that "doing good to old and good-willed priests has always been a source of blessing for the House of Providence", because thanks to them he had been able to extend his work to places where he would never have imagined. At the invitation of a Romanian priest, guest of the Casa Santa Maria della Provvidenza in Rome, the Guanellian nuns opened a charitable work in Romania, which had recently been liberated from the communist regime of Nicolae Ceauşescu.

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In the past  2021 the Pious Union has grown remaining faithful in the long run  story of prayer and good. Despite the difficulties and limitations, the devotees of Saint Joseph were generous.

by B. Capparoni

LThe Pia Unione del Transito di San Giuseppe was born from the prayerful charity of Saint Luigi Guanella, encouraged by Pope Saint Pius  therefore the work of saints, it is a work that flows from the same life of the Holy Spirit. We have the task of continuing on this path, of welcoming this "dear inheritance" that we have received and transmitting it as much as possible. The writer has been with the Pia Unione for just over a year. Not that I didn't know her before, but mine was an acquaintance from afar, without delving into the depths of this family of Saint Joseph. Now I have a greater understanding and even greater admiration, together with one more reason to pray.

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150th of the Patronage of Saint Joseph

Prayer times with Saint Joseph

A gift of hope, of grace, of whispered words.
A way to say thank you!

The package will be delivered to your home and will cost 15 euros.

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Or you can book it by bank transfer

- Banca Popolare di Sondrio IT17 W05696 032030 0000 2903X43

- Italian Post Office IT68 HO76 0103 2000 0000 0413 005

Or via postal current account: n. 413005 made out to the Pia Unione

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