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«Suffrages Union» for the deceased

For it, the prayers and good works of all the members of the Pious Union of the Transit of Saint Joseph are offered to God in favor of the deceased members of it. The Management sends a report card certifying registration with the Suffrages Union. Registration, except for spontaneous offers, is free.

Youth group «Friends of St. Joseph»

This initiative was born many years ago with the aim of promoting devotion to Saint Joseph even among the youngest. We are certain that Saint Joseph, just as he held Jesus in his arms, will also want to hold the children whom their parents and grandparents wish to entrust to his protection.

Cult works in honor of Saint Joseph

1. Holy Masses: we accept commitments for the celebration of Holy Masses. The offer is at least e 10.

2. Gregorian Masses. These Holy Masses are celebrated in repose of a deceased person. According to tradition, there are 30 masses celebrated consecutively, and they cannot be interrupted.

3. The lamp of Saint Joseph. A lit candle is an act of trust in the goodness of the Lord and in the intercession of Saint Joseph. It is possible to have votive lamps lit at the altar of the Saint for the sick, for the dying, to implore graces. The Lamp for a day, offer of e 2; for a triduum: e 6; on every Wednesday of the year: e 75; for a perpetual lamp: e 650.

Works of charity

1. Bread day. The offer of e 55 is for the sustenance of those assisted in our Houses of Charity on mission. Grateful guests will offer prayers in favor of the living or deceased person who will be indicated to us.

2. Scholarships. With the offer of e 350 a scholarship can be established in favor of an aspirant to the priesthood. It is a magnificent gesture of piety and charity, which helps the missionary Church, the poor and is a source of blessing for the person offering.

3. Heading of a couch in mission land. With the offer of e 150 you can remember a loved one, living or deceased. These people will be remembered with gratitude and blessings in our prayers and those of our clients.

The hour of St. Joseph

It is a simple devotion, which does not require anything special other than offering prayers, good works, the daily occupations of an hour. Time with our daily actions is sanctified to the glory of God and in honor of the dear Saint. L'Saint Joseph's time it is also an act of spiritual charity with which the Associates pray for each other.

The Sacred Mantle

This pious practice of the Sacred Mantle, very widespread among our Associates, constitutes and preserves that genuine expression of popular piety, the generous faith of a people and a tangible sign of the effective intercession of Saint Joseph.

This prayer is a means to reach Jesus, a sort of saving raft in the often stormy waters of our existence that only Jesus can calm.

Spiritual adoption of a seminarian
or even a young priest
It is possible to adopt and maintain a seminarian student or even a young priest in the first five years of priestly ministry only with the help of prayer. Simply report your intention to adopt to the Pious Union and the name will be communicated.

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