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Reading is make life sprout 

Reverend Don Mario Carrera,

thank you, thank you a thousand times for the book that talks about my foster father as I consider Saint Joseph, the saint of saints, my devotion for this great one will accompany me until the end of my days. In my rosaries, every decade I tell him to pray for me and for the dying, I am sure he listens to me.

Speaking of the book I received last night I started reading it. I can't wait to pick it up again to get to the bottom of it and thus increase a capital of news and feelings that have given joy, worries and commitment to safeguarding that Son that the Creator had entrusted to him in "custody". It will not be easy to imitate a great man like Saint Joseph, but the good Lord accepts good will.

Best regards.

Rina Pinna (Ploaghe)

Dear Mrs Rina,

I thank you for your affectionate attention and I am happy that reading our magazine can also be imagined - and I am convinced of this! - like a wind that carries the divine pollen of fertility into the breath of the soul. The wind of reading lifts and carries and cleans everything that could slow down the development of the seed.

The closeness of feelings favors the desire for imitation and makes fruitful the roots of the divine sap that flows in our veins as baptized people and sculpts the granite image of sanctity.

May Saint Joseph keep alive the desire for his imitation and we will all enjoy bright dawns for peaceful days.

Saint Joseph as always provider 

Dear Don Mario,

I am writing to express my gratitude to Saint Joseph who helped me in many difficult moments of my life. Years ago I found myself in a situation of great economic hardship, such that I was unable to purchase basic necessities and pay for household utilities. I turned to dear Saint Joseph with faith every day and his help was not long in arriving. I met a priest who helped me with groceries and paying household expenses. Now I receive a small pension which also allows me to make a small offering of thanks for the help received and also to join the Pious Union of the Transit of Saint Joseph.

Margherita (Caravaggio - BG)

Dear Margherita,

his testimony reiterates the certainty that in life no one is alone and God sends his "angels of flesh" to support us in the dark and difficult moments of our lives.

She, Margherita, lives in the shadow of the Marian sanctuary called the "source", because there is the source of mercy, of trust and of the certainty that God from that source offers not only water, but what is necessary for physical life and spiritual: a company of friends to fill loneliness with life, a caress to revive a disappointment, a word of comfort to process mourning and light to dispel the dark moments of life.

As far as information is concerned, I would like to inform you that to register with our Pious Union of the Transit of Saint Joseph, you simply need to communicate your name, surname and address in writing.

The Management will send the relevant registration form.

Regarding the Holy Masses to be celebrated after your death, I inform you that the Pious Union accepts the commitment by celebrating (whenever and, humanly, as late as possible) upon the announcement of your death, Holy Masses.

I invoke the Protection of Saint Joseph upon you and upon those dear to you.

I greet you and bless those who share our feelings of trust towards Saint Joseph.

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