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I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the store sign: The Store of Truth.
There they sold the truth.
The sales assistant was very courteous: what type of truth did I want to buy, the partial truth or the total truth?
The total truth, of course.
No falsehoods for me, no defenses, no rationalizations. I wanted my truth pure and simple and all of it. He pointed me to the other side of the shop, where the total truth was sold.
The clerk who was there looked at me pityingly and pointed to the price tag. “The price is very high, sir,” she said.
"How much it is?" I asked, determined to obtain the total truth at all costs.
“If you choose this,” he said, “you will have to pay for it by losing rest for the rest of your life.”
I sadly left the shop. I had believed I could get the whole truth for a modest price. I'm not ready yet
in truth. I long for peace and rest from time to time. I still need to fool myself a little with my defenses and rationalizations. I still seek the refuge of my unquestioned beliefs.
Anthony deMello
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