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by Graziella Fons

Going through the streets of the world, the Lord and Saint Peter sat down near a fountain to rest and at that time a poor man arrived and asked for alms. Peter, who had nothing else, gave him the loaf of bread he had in his bag and the beggar thanked him.

He was about to resume his journey when the Master asked him: «What do you do with this loaf, good man?».

"I think I'll eat half of it for dinner tonight and half of it tomorrow because I don't know what to eat."

«Peter – said the Lord – take that loaf of bread back from him and put it back in the bag, because today we too don't know what to eat».

The poor man said and did what he could say and do, but it was useless to argue and make a fuss with Pietro, so the poor man went away grumbling.

Soon another beggar arrived and sat down next to the two pilgrims saying that he was hungry and Jesus ordered Peter to give him the loaf of bread.

«So, Lord, what do we do with this bread: we give, we take back, we give again?».

"Do as I told you."

When the beggar had the bread in his hand, the Master asked him: "What do you do with this loaf, good man?".

«What do I do with it? I'll eat it. With the hunger I have, I don't see what else I could do with it."

«And tomorrow, tell me, tomorrow, what will you eat?».

"Tomorrow? Tomorrow is tomorrow... God has provided today and he will do it tomorrow: he has always done so!

«Learn, Peter, learn: trust in God is worth much more than a hundred loaves of bread in the bag and a thousand sequins in the purse». 


«July armchairs bring pumpkin with melon »

The waning moon or old moon good for sowing is from July 16th to 31st.

In this period the most interesting work is watering, but sowing can also be done such as lettuces, beans, peas and pumpkins to be harvested in October.

The treatments for the vines and tomatoes continue, but it is advisable to give the young bunches of grapes one or two treatments of powdered sulfur.

The land is worked by first fertilizing with manure; in this way the manure is buried, the weeds die with the summer drought and the sun crumbles the clods, making the soil friable and ready for September crops.

Furthermore, it is essential to pay maximum attention to the fight against insects and diseases (especially red spider mites which affect beans, tomatoes, etc.).

For cutting vegetables, sowing on a crescent moon (new moon) is advisable for greater vegetative development, with the exception of legumes (beans, croissants, peas) which can be sown on both moons. The other varieties should be sown in the waning moon (old moon).

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