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There is a need for hope
«We need hope, we need to raise our eyes to horizons of peace, brotherhood, justice and solidarity. This is the only way of life, there is no other. Of course, unfortunately, it often doesn't appear easy, indeed at times the path appears tortuous and uphill, it's true. But we know that we are not alone, we have this certainty that with the help of the Holy Spirit, with his gifts, together we can travel it and make it increasingly viable for others too."

Time with St. Joseph

Radio broadcast - March 2022

Radio broadcast - March 2022 Radio broadcast - March 2022
Listen! Welcome to all radio listeners. Dear sisters and brothers, welcome to tune in to the waves of Radio Mater to spend...
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Pedagogical path

The relationship with the mother, the overcoming of fears and the perception of the father are

Italy devoted to Saint Joseph

In Valledoria, the holy Patriarch blessed the land,
the Christian community

Amoris Laetitia
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of Cardinal Ennio Antonelli Amoris Laetitia has had opposing interpretations among pastors, theologians, and social communication workers. The question arises spontaneously: with respect to traditional doctrine and practice (in particular with respect to the Familiaris Consortio of Saint John Paul II) is there continuity, rupture, or novelty in the continuity?
Art in the Basilica
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Two frescoes dedicated to Mary, mother in Cana and on Calvary. Their language is essential, rich in hidden evangelical accents by Don Lorenzo Cappelletti T he last two frescoes created in 1971 by Silvio Consadori for the chapel of the Mother of Divine Providence in the Basilica of San Giuseppe al Trionfale respectively depict "The Wedding at Cana" and “The Mother at the foot of Calvary”.

Prayers to Saint Joseph

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    Prayer of the Pious Union for the dying

    As a commitment there is the prayer for the Dying, to be recited devoutly several times a day. The prayer is as follows:

    “O Saint Joseph,
    putative father
    of Jesus Christ
    and true husband of the Virgin Mary,
    pray for us
    and for the dying
    of this day (or this night)”

    The “Ave” to St. Joseph

    Rejoice, O Joseph,
    full of grace,
    God the Father is always with you.
    You are blessed among all men,
    holy husband of the Virgin Mary,
    chosen to welcome
    the Savior of the world, Jesus.

    St. Joseph,
    protector of the People of God,
    guide our steps
    on the way to the cross
    until our time
    happy death.


    Prayer to Saint Joseph the Worker

    Dear Saint Joseph,
    You were a worker like us
    and you have known fatigue and sweat.
    Help us ensure work for all.

    You were a righteous man who led,
    in the shop and in the community, an integral life
    in service to God and others.
    Make sure that we too have integrity in our work
    and attentive to the needs of our neighbors.

    You were a groom who brought a pregnant Maria into the house
    by the work of the Holy Spirit.
    Make our parents welcome the lives that God sends.

    You accepted to be the father of Jesus
    and you took care of him against those who wanted to kill him
    and you protected him in the flight to Egypt.
    Let our parents protect their sons and daughters against the drugs that corrupt and the diseases that kill.

    You were Jesus' educator, teaching him to read the Scriptures and introducing him to the traditions of his people.
    Let us preserve family piety
    and we always remember God in everything we do.

    Dear Saint Joseph,
    in your human face we see the face of the divine Father portrayed.
    May He give us refuge, protection
    and the certainty that we are carried in the palm of his hand.
    Show us, Saint Joseph, the strength of your fatherhood:
    Give us determination in the face of problems,
    courage in the face of risks, a sense of the limits of our strengths
    and unlimited trust in the heavenly Father.

    We ask you all this in the strength of the Father,
    in the love of the Son and in the enthusiasm of the Holy Spirit.

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Thursday, June 13, 2024, Super User
Joseph retreats to Egypt to preserve Jesus and Mary, his "treasures"....
Thursday, May 23, 2024, Super User
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Saint Joseph Cafasso dedicated himself with extraordinary virtue to an ordinary apostolate. Trainer of priests, consoler of the sick, "priest of the gallows" because he assisted those condemned to death by Corrado Vari On 23 June the Church celebrates the memory of Saint Giuseppe Cafasso (1811-1860). Once again we are talking about a Piedmontese priest, belonging to the extraordinary flowering of sanctity that marked the XNUMXth century in that region.
Thursday, May 23, 2024, Super User
In the book Illustrissimi, John Paul I collected imaginary letters to historical and literary figures, to saints and less saints. Pleasant and profound pages where one finds the meaning of his pontificate by Cristiana Lardo In 1976 Albino Luciani, patriarch of Venice at the time, published a collection of imaginary letters, which he had already published in the previous years (1971-1975) in the monthly The Messenger of Saint Anthony. Albino Luciani, first bishop of Vittorio Veneto and then patriarch of Venice, was elected pope on 26 August 1978 with the name John Paul I, but after only thirty-three days he died suddenly due to heart problems. On 4 September 2022 he was proclaimed blessed.
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